The 8 Elements of Authentic Feminine Leadership

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In this workbook, explore how to integrate each of the top eight essential elements of authentic leadership into your life.



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We all have intuition, and our intuition knows we can never be our best selves if we pretend to be something we are not. But often, when we try to make changes, we are met with messages telling us, “Fit in,” “Don’t be too much,” or even “What you look like matters more than how you lead.” We might even start feeling that we have to dim our own light to accomplish anything.

The She Center’s 8 Elements of Authentic Feminine Leadership will support you in contrasting outdated, restrictive leadership with a new, feminine, Centered Leadership. Plus, it provides you with tools and prompts to create a roadmap for your own transformation.

Leaders can be found in every corner of the world, from board rooms to living rooms; and for a limited time, this workbook is available as a gift to every leader ready to revolutionize the way they lead and live.

The She Center has supported over 9,000 clients and has been featured in major media outlets, including NBC, The Wall Street Journal, CBS, Yahoo News, and more.

Be sure to get your copy while you still can—and share with us how you are elevating your leadership in life, business, and community.


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