1-on-1 Coaching

$997.00 / month

What would be possible for you if you had your own personal master coach? If your priority is to reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, this is your path. Send messages anytime to your coach and get customized, personal direction back as you partner for your highest success.

A current She Circle Membership is required for 1-on-1 coaching.


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Transform your life with our exclusive 1-on-1 private coaching!

Unlock your full potential with personalized guidance tailored to your unique goals and needs. Elevate every aspect of your life and achieve unprecedented success with our dedicated coaching support.

Get one month of unlimited access to a master coach, personally trained in She Center principles by Lydia Knight. Send video or text messages anytime, day or night; and your coach will send you one-on-one asynchronous responses that you can review at the best time for your schedule.

Your coach will guide you with direction, help you see patterns outside your own awareness, support you in making new patterns, and specifically address any roadblocks you might be facing. This judgement-free zone is a safe space where you can relax and receive. You can focus on any area of Centered Living and get help with your individual circumstances.

This subscription auto-renews monthly. Cancel anytime and come back anytime you need additional support!


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